Monday, March 29, 2010

Well Checks

The Girls had their well checks last Monday, Payton's 4 year and Paige's 13 mos. They both looked great! Happy and Healthy Girls!

Payton: 34lbs & 38" tall

Payton is :

writing her first and last name, copying and recognizing all letters, learning more and more numbers, She loves to "read" books to me, loves drawing and coloring & riding her bike.
She loves "helping" Mommy and Daddy with anything and everything!
She has taken on a new role caring for our Dog Roxy. She recently asked if "feeding Roxy could be her responsibility" (yes, those were really her words). She feeds her twice a day, lets her in and out to go outside, and had to be present at all of her recent Vet visits (yes visitS, more on that later).

Paige: 16lbs 6oz (still our peanut) & 28 1/2" tall

Paige is :
walking more and more with the assistance of her shopping cart, she is standing up all by herself without pulling up on anything, I swear she said (while crying in the middle of the night, also more on that later) I wan Mama! (Melt my heart) Her second front tooth is officially through giving us a total of 5 teeth now!

After the girls had their checkup they got their shots. I hate when they get shots, I just get this uneasy feeling about it all. Anyways they both did great with that until about 1 am, Paige woke up SCREAMING and would not stop, nothing would console her. While I was on the phone with the Dr at 7 am to get Paige a apt. Payton wakes up and immediately starts throwing up. Really? Both at once?? So back to the Dr we went... why? They really cant do much, but while we were there, she noticed Paiges ears were red, but it could have been because she was crying so much hmmm?). She also had some wax so the Dr told me to give her wax drops and see how the week goes. Of course the rest of the week was OK until Fri night, same story, screaming HIGH fever... So Sunday I took Paige back to be treated for a ...double ear infection. Poor thing had been suffering all week. She is now on her meds and slept from 8pm until 7:30 am (Hallelujah!) As for Payton she threw up twice, broke her fever and was good to go. Who knows where that came from? I am just glad that week is over ;)

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