Monday, May 10, 2010

15 Months

15 months ago we welcomed our second little girl into the world! What a blessing she has been! Having a daughter already I thought I knew what to expect, she would be just like her sister. WRONG! And that is a GREAT thing! I love that Paige has her own personality, does things on her own time and is teaching me many different and new things about being a mother!
Payton meeting her new baby sister (one of my favorite pictures)
Weight- 16lbs 10oz (more on that below...)
Height - 29 1/2 in
Eating - Everything we eat, favorites are peanut butter and jelly, turkey, bananas and grapes, spaghetti, and big sisters favorite - Mac n Cheese! And she is now FEEDING HERSELF with a spoon or fork (she gets very stubborn about this)
Says- up, more, mama, dada, dough dough (paci), bye, uh oh, one grandma says she says Grandma and Ellie, the other grandma claims she said bird (I have not heard either of these but she does like to say something once and then not say it again for a while)
Sounds - Makes a lot of animals sounds, monkey, horse, bear, lion (anything that roars ;), dog ( she does not bark she pants like our dog), and my favorite- the turkey "gobble"
Understands- EVERYTHING we say. We can give her many commands and she knows exactly what we are talking about. Shakes her head yes and no to answer us (appropriately) and if she doesn't know she puts her hands up like "I don't know". Knows most of her body parts and loves putting her finger in your ear or nose hole ;)
Walking- SO CLOSE! She has taken a step a few times until she realizes we aren't holding onto her anymore, then plops down. She walks everywhere holding on to our finger or pushes her toys around like a maniac, doing laps around the kitch/family room!
Loves- Playing in the dirt, drawing with pens (just cleaned Payton's upholstered chair that Paige drew on with a ink pen, thank goodness it came out!), and looking at books. She has a favorite bedtime book now which is great but also makes it hard to get her to go to sleep b/c all she wants to do is keep reading it over and over!
Sleeps- Through the night from 7-7:30pm to about 6-6:30 am and naps at least once but mostly twice a day.

This is Paige enjoying a PB & J right before her blood test ( what a horrible experience that was, but she survived. Payton was soo cute first making sure everyone in the lab knew she DID NOT need shots and secondly trying so hard to comfort her sister by talking and singing to her during the blood draw).

I pushed up her 15 mos apt because Paige was still not walking and for a few days didn't even seem interested at all! During the visit the Dr thought her muscle tone was fine as she stands up by herself, walks with little assistance and is definitely strong enough to walk, just being stubborn about letting go. At this time however she was concerned about her weight. She is a good eater but does not eat that much. Sooo she wanted to do some blood work, stool sample and have us meet with a nutritionist to see what we can add in to her diet. Luckily all her labs came back great, nothing out of the ordinary. The nutritionist thought she was eating well but wants us to try adding a few more snacks throughout the day and give more fatty things like guacamole (which she loves), peanut butter and try adding butter to most of her foods. There was also a issue with milk. We think she is Lactose intolerant as when she was on whole milk she (and us) were miserable. She would not sleep well waking up with belly ache, wasn't drinking much which could have caused her not to gain much weight. So we went back to formula and will re-try to introduce lactose free milk this time. Paige is definitely a Mama's girl right now, but is overall mostly a happy baby who LOVES playing with her big sissy! I love watching them grow together! Paige is so lucky to have such a great big sister!

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  1. Jessica, she is such a cutie!!! I can't belive how big she is! And Payton is such a good big sister!!