Sunday, May 2, 2010

While Mom & Dad are away the Girls will Play!

My mom and Dad took a few pictures of the girls while we were in Texas! Seeing how happy they were made me feel a little less guilty for leaving them ;)Obviously this isnt one of my children, it is one of many wild Turkey's that visit my parents yard, the girls love to watch them, feed them, count them, ... Paige even makes a Turkey sound when we asks her "what does a Turkey say?" When she makes it the Turkeys talk back! My mom said they had fun watching the Turkeys all weekend! This was Paige's "post" every so often she would crawl over to the stairs and "read" her books for a while, then go back to playing with her toys...I love this pic! This was my brothers wagon when he was a kid some 20 or so years ago! (yes my parents kept it alll this time, my mom uses it when gardening with her plants and tools etc in it..)The girls LOVE it and always want a ride when they are at Grandmas!This explains why Paige has been sooo into my make-up lately! In order for Grandma to get ready she would give them REAL makeup to play with to entertain them! Oh boy!
My little Monkey loves her bananas!
After opening some of their daily gifts! (Yes my girls are still wearing their xmas PJ's... I still wear mine too ;)

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