Thursday, May 13, 2010

I "Heart" Thursdays

I "heart" this....So Paige may not be walking but she sure can dance! Karl rode a horse in the team penning competition for the RRR that his families company sponsors, after was a BBQ and dancing. The girls were so cute dancing together! (ok so I didnt feel ike walking all the way back to my purse for the flip so I used my camera, you will just have to turn your head to the side, sorry)

I "heart" our Thursday lunch dates!

Every Thursday I pick Payton up from school and we go to McDonald's (Payton's choice) for lunch and PlayPlace. To be honest I don't enjoy the playplace so much, it so noisey, not the cleanest (yes today I was the anal mom wiping down the critters with a wipe for my own sanity ;) and no one watches their kids so I actually feel like I am at work, but the girls love it which makes it all worth it! ( I mean look at this face;)

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