Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tour de Cure Napa

I have to start by saying how Proud I am of my husband for riding in this! This is the 3rd year he and friends/family have done it and this year they raised over $10,000 for the America Diabetes Assoc!!! Karl was not into it so much this year, mainly because he has been swamped at work with several new accounts so he did not have the time to train like he wanted. But he still completed the 25 mile ride! Past years he has done the 50 but did not want to push it since he did not prepare for it...

Napa is one of the most BEAUTIFUL places in California and we are so lucky to live a short 45 away! Even though we go every year for this ride we have never gone up just for fun/wine tasting. So I dropped some serious hints that that would make a great Anniversary gift this year ;)

We checked in to the hotel on sat afternoon and headed straight to the pool! That is all Payton could talk about was going to the pool in her new (too big) swimsuit from Grandma P. The weather was so nice! About 80 with a cool breeze, perfect! I think (I cannot remember, I know horrible Mommy) this was Paige's first time in the pool! OK scratch that I just remembered I did take her swimming at my parents pool last year, oops! But either way, she LOVED the water! Got right in, kept putting her face under the water and kicking her legs! Payton had to warm up to the water (like every year) which she needs b/c she will start swimming lessons again soon!

We had a fun dinner in downtown Napa with the rest of the team!

Sunday morning was a early one! We all got up and went with the guys to the starting point to watch them take off, then us ladies headed to beautiful St Helena for breakfast and shopping!

Paige loved standing there waving at all the bikers go by!

Auntie Cindy sure did spoil the girls that day!!

Fun little Bicycle Man Aunt Cindy got for Payton

She HAD to get the girls some candy from this Beautiful Chocolate shop!

The guys have definitely improved their time over the years because we missed them crossing the finish line, oops! Next year cant shop as long ;)

It was a wonderful weekend for a wonderful cause!

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  1. LOVE the payton out of water pic! & the first one is great too, what program are you using to edit them?