Thursday, May 6, 2010

I "heart" Thursdays

I"heart"! We (I say "we" because Karl actually got into and placed the first order;) have ordered from them twice now and both time I have ordered around 5:45 pm and have had our diapers and formula waiting for me on the porch by 1:30 pm the next day! And the BEST part is, it is free shipping and No sales tax! One less thing for me to worry about! Our last order we also got wipes and Diaper Dekor liners, there is soo much more on the site!

And the Boxes make great entertainment for the kids!

I "heart" Picnik!
A few people have been asking (here and on facebook) what program I use for editing my photos. Well a while back when trying to re size a picture to post on our website I stumbled upon the site . I LOVE it! It is mostly free but you can upgrade to a premium service, it is SO easy to use and makes my ho-hum photos into something special!

I "heart" that Paige is FINALLY into walking! She was so uninterested for so long I even pushed up her 15 mos appointment (another post on that)because I was so concerned. Payton walked right on her first Bday and as awful as it is to compare the two, I cant help it! Paige is walking all over with her toys, or holding onto our finger or Payton's (so cute). She has let go and taken a step on her own a few times and I am thinking she will let go sooner than later! My mom thinks she is waiting to let go on Mother's Day just for me ;)

Power Shopper, just like Mommy!

We have a VERY busy weekend ahead filled with Birthday's, Parades, a Baby Shower, and most importantly.. Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers! It is truly a amazing job we have!!


  1. Glad that Paige is walking now! All in thier own time. I also found the Robeez in the correct size, I was so bumbed they only had girlie ones and not a single set of boy ones! Anyway, I will try and send those up sometime next week.

  2. Ohh! Thanks! Although I just read your post about the post office, haah! hopefully you can get Mark to send them! ;)