Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day and More

Cinco de Mayo

Last Friday Pacheco Brothers had a BBQ for all of the employees for Cinco De Mayo. I took the girls down for a while to see everyone and enjoy the music! Watching the band

Ruben and Uncle Neal BBQing, Ruben does a great job preparing the meat!

Manning the front desk!

Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade
Saturday Morning was the Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade. This year my school made a float, which the kids enjoyed making signs for and riding on.

Showing some Dolphin spirit! (Payton's class are the Dolphins)Payton and her adorable friends Lauren and Paige (twins)Karl was so amazing, he arranged for the school to use one of PBG trailers and offered to tow it in the parade! That meant getting there a lot earlier than we did ;)
Paige rode in the truck with Daddy so she could see it all, he said she ended up sleeping through most of the parade though! We put her in Payton's Big girl car seat just for the Parade and she loved it!

Me and the wonderful Dino teachers I get the privilege of working with!

Baby Shower

After the Parade I changed and headed to Piedmont with my mom for my good friend Liv's Baby Shower
Everything was so beautiful , and YUMMY!
Liv's Sister is also pregnant and due a week after her, she is also having a girl and naming her Elle. I made her a burpie and bib. Liv has not decided on a name yet so I have to wait to make her some;).
I just had to share these. The Shower was in the Piedmont Hills and the homes are so charming! These are a few of may favorites!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is "my" holiday to host every year. I like to choose a "theme" and set at least one table for the Moms. I had a big pack of these napkins already so I went with it...

The flowers were from Dollar Tree and the cupcakes Payton and I made Saturday night. They are SO easy but VERY time consuming! My mom found them in a Magazine and thought they were darling so we gave it a shot! At first I thought no way will mine come out like the picture in the Magazine but they did! We cut mini marshmallows on a diagonal and then covered them with colored sugar. When you cut them the inside is sticky so the sugar sticks just in the center. Then frosted and placed petals on the cupcakes one at a time so frosting would not harden before placing the petals on! Super easy! (I tried finding a link to the magazine or "how to" but couldn't)

Payton had to get me something pink for mother's day so they picked out a pink flowered Roxy dress, the girl (and Karl) has good taste!

Paige with both her Grandmas!We are so lucky that both sides of our families come together and enjoy each others company!Paige with her Great Aunt Sue

It was also my Brothers Birthday so we had LOTS of desert!Everyone was trying so hard to get Paige to walk for me on Mother's Day, Grandpa Pacheco was even trying to put his "magic balance" bracelet on her to see if it would work, as we all suspected, it did not ;)

I am so blessed to be a Mother to my two girls, It is such a amazing job!! And I am blessed to have a husband to appreciates me for doing that job, I was spoiled with a beautiful necklace, bracelet and earrings that he picked out all by himself! I thought I was getting sunglasses but he surprised me ;)

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  1. Those cupcakes are such a fantastic idea. I must think of a party to host so I can make them!