Monday, May 24, 2010

Birthdays x 2, Diaper Drive and a Tutti Frutti Tea

Birthday with Buddies
Payton had a Birthday party for her friend Tyler this past weekend. It was at the Sulpher Creek Nature Center, a fun place we have taken Payton for classes in the past.
I just love the card she made for him. Can you tell Payton is not so sure about the snake hovering over her...

Ss is for Snake...

and Spider! Payton touched the snake but would not touch the spider. Paige on the other hand could not wait to touch them both!

After circle time with the creatures we went on a nature hike. Payton wanted so badly to wear her silver sparkle shoes, after all it was a "party". So she wore them in the car on the way there, and then I convinced her it was in her best interest to change to her boots. She was glad she did when we got to this puddle on our hike!


Despite Paige not feeling the best she was happy to be along for the hike! Karl had to work so she came along, luckily I remembered the Baby Bjorn, made life so much easier!

Roar! the dirt, of course!

Howling with the Coyotes! A firetruck went by and got the coyotes a howling, so all the kids joined in too!

Payton with her adorable friend Greta.

Giving the Birthday boy a goodbye hug ;)

Diaper Drive

My brother, mom and I have been hosting a Diaper Drive for the Davis Street Community Center where my brother is interning. They provide food, clothing, and training for those in need. After working there for a while my brother noticed there were never enough diapers on the shelves. So we posted about it on FB and I posted a few flyer's at work and we have been amazed by every ones generosity! We have collected hundreds of diapers!
I thought this would be a great lesson for Payton so we took her to the center along with some of the Diapers we collected. She helped my brother sort them all by size. Never to early to teach to them to give!

I am so proud of my brother. He is doing so many selfless acts! One of the volunteers referred to him as "God Sent". He will probably never know how many people he is touching!

Happy Birthday Mama!
My mom celebrated her Birthday on Friday, I took Paige in to the Dr. and then we brought her lunch and her gift (adorable Juicy bracelet she has had her eye cute I want one too !)

That night we went to Don Jose's for dinner.
Tutti Frutti Tea
Last week my Mother in law's church hosted their annual Women's Tea. I haven't been in a few years but this year I managed to go for a bit before having to leave to watch the girls so Karl could make his softball game (one of those days where everything falls at the same time). The theme this year was Fruit. Lynn was hosting the table but I offered to help her pull it together. The girls and I went to Great Grandma Pacheco's to collect lemons to decorate with.

This was our table. Kind of plain compared to the others but not bad for putting it together the day before hand.


Other Beautiful tables we enjoyed looking at

I love this one. My Grandma had all these Apple dishes and now we keep them at the cabin. I think I might have to bring them home with me on our next trip there and use these next Mothers day in honor of my Grandma.

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