Monday, May 17, 2010

Another eventful week...

Payton can still fit in her RED Cowgirl Boots she got for her 3rd Bday (they were a little big)

Can you tell it is Rodeo season around here? Since PBG is a sponsor and Karl's dad is on the board we end up at all the events...I promise no more Rodeo posts of the girls in their cowgirl garb after this ;) (except of Payton riding the mechanical bull when Karl sends the pics to me)
Payton and Grandma A. heading to Team Penning

So afterI picked up the girls I headed over to Gymboree in hopes to find these pony shirts. I had seen the collection when it first came out and knew it would go on sale, and it did!

Checking out the Steer

Payton made friends with these cuties at the RRR Queen Contest, they had a blast dancing together again!

Aw, Sisters...

Dancing Dancing and more Dancing

Daddy and his girls
Paige "helping" Grandpa P with the Raffle tickets

Where's Paige?

Friday night we went to the Bull Riding Competition, it made me so nervous watching those guys get tossed around... but it was entertaining!

Payton and Grandpa

Paige LOVED the Bull Riding! She was cracking up at it all!

Saturday we went to Karl's Uncle Gary's house for his Cousin Keri's 21st Birthday

Paige was stationed on Keri's lap, only because she was the closest to the Guacamole.

Paige with her cousin Tori

Karl with his Beautiful Grandma

Gary and the Birthday Girl
Only Gary can make Trash to Treasure...

I Had to take a Birthday shot to help Keri celebrate!
And Uncle Gary with his unsuccessful Jello Shots ;)

Pacheco Girls!

Mmmmm..this cake is good!

Her favorite toy! Hope she didn't mess up Gary's TV

Dancing again! Payton's favorite Lady GaGa came on...

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  1. You have the most precious little girls!! I love their names ;o) haha! My little girl would be very jealous of all of the rodeo events going on!